The Charente department organisation comprises numerous skills on the Charente territory. Social action, territorial planning, public transport organization, urban assistance, public building management (Middle school, Department library and archives), environment protection, social and health actions (children, families, elderly and disabled people, integration…), roads and rural planning are some of the skills for the Department Board. Moreover, the Charente Department takes care of “optional” skills such as sustainable development, sport, economic development, culture…

In order to do all this, 35 counselors guide – through their political choices and their executive agent, the Department’s President – the “grands programmes d’actions” (great actions programs) for the general quality of life in Charente. There are also 2,000 agents working to implement these actions – doctor, administrative agents, social assistant, architect, technician…

The Department has been investing in cinematography and audiovisual creations for a long time through its production funding which is one of the highest in France – and largely dedicated to animation.

The nouvelle-aquitaine region

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region supports the territory’s economic development through 9 priorities, including culture.

Its major objective is to give everyone easier access to culture with a fair balance in its actions on the whole territory and towards any and all types of people.

The Pôle Image is an example of this commitment. The region is particularly thorough in the consideration of cultural diversity, and the image industry offers this diversity of support and publics by associating tradition and advanced technologies.

Through its actions, the region supports professionals and promotes the implementation and development of companies from the image industry: business creation support, production funding, diffusion funding, hiring support as well as training support (for employees and students) with the Campus Image.

The city of Angoulême

Prefecture and university center, city of art and history, Angoulême stands out by having a remarkably lively cultural life. Dozens of events take place every year and world-famous festivals punctuate Angoulême’s seasons.

With its “scène nationale” theater and its museums, Angoulême offers an exceptionally dense cultural life as well as great creativity.

Angoulême is also the City of Image with its “Musée de la Bande Dessinée”, its image industry schools, its “Maison des auteurs” (house of authors), its painted walls… These wall-art pieces signed by Yslaire, Zep, Moebius,… bring colours to the city and are part of a tour which places comics at the heart of the city.

The mission to promote and support diverse expressions and to make sure that the cultural offer on the whole territory is distributed equally and harmoniously to all inhabitants belongs to Angoulême.

The GrandAngoulême conurbation


THE GRANDANGOULÊME CONURBATION gathers 38 towns. Its priority areas are economic development, local planning, housing, the city’s politic, Travelling Community’s welcome areas management as well as maintenance and waste management.

Strongly committed to the territory’s development, GrandAngoulême’s conurbation operates in favor of entrepreneurship with a global project aiming at creating and supportting local economic actions. Numerous arrangements are deployed to try to answer entrepreneurs’ needs like Eurekatech – a technology hub gathering every actors from the area, administrations (like Magelis), companies and small and medium-sized companies.

Angoulême’s chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie d’Angoulême

The Charente’s chamber of commerce and industry participates in companies development and helps businesses being set up. It brings a technical support through counseling, custom support and collective operations.

It provides support for entrepreneurs on international prospection and facilitates networking on a departmental level thanks to its regional and national network.