Where businesses grow

On a mission to enhance the economic development of an excellence field, the Pôle Image Magelis encourages local business creation/relocation by offering relevant tools for entrepreneurs from the animation, video game, edition and audiovisual production industries.

An ambitious real estate policy

These tools mainly rest on a 75,000 m2 real building stock, the management of the company creation incentive from the Charente Department, the creation of a public and private teaching offer and of efficient services.

A business incubator welcomes around ten young, innovative and creative companies in a 1,500 m² building on the banks of the Charente river. Working with the Chamber of commerce and industry (CCI), the incubator offers premises at a low, price, domiciliation and reception services, pooled services (mail, meeting room, fiber broadband…) and, on demand, a support by technical agents on management, administration, research and development.

  • Ateliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprisesAteliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprises© Philippe Metifet
  • Ateliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprisesAteliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprises© Philippe Metifet
  • Ateliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprisesAteliers Magelis - Pépinière d'entreprises© Arnaud Devis

Since its opening in 2004, 25 companies from the image sector – with some businesses created by alumni from the Campus de l’Image’s schools – benefited from seasoned industry experts in order to make their projects grow, to join a professional network and to make their creative vision come to life.

A selection committee selects laureates based on a variety of criteria to, then, support them in their creation endeavours.

  • Le Quartier de l’imageLe Quartier de l’image© Arnaud Devis
  • Maison alsacienne - Vue aérienneMaison alsacienne - Vue aérienne© Arnaud Devis
  • Maison alsacienneMaison alsacienne© Gregory Brandel
  • Les Chais MagelisLes Chais Magelis© LAVAL Sébastien Charente Tourisme
  • Le Nil – Cnam-EnjminLe Nil – Cnam-Enjmin© Julia Hasse
  • Le « 107 »Le « 107 »© Arnaud Devis
  • L’école l’AtelierL’école l’Atelier© Grégory Brandel
  • L'Auberge espagnoleL'Auberge espagnole© Gregory Brandel
  • Le Quartier de l’imageLe Quartier de l’image© Arnaud Devis

The Pôle Image Magelis carries out an ambitious real estate policy by rehabilitating old buildings – based on the Architecte des Bâtiments de France’s advice – as the image industry local area is part of a protected urban space.

The purpose of these buildings is to welcome schools and businesses within the same area (the Nil, formerly used for paper industry) in order to create a hub made for exchanges, knowledge sharing and collaboration between the 1,200 students and the professionals of the image industry.

They meet the latest building regulations (HQE-BBC), are environmentally-friendly and benefit from the latest equipments (optic fiber, high-capacity electrical equipment for greater modularity…).

A dynamic territory

GrandAngoulême’s economic department mobilizes its resources for evaluating – with entrepreneurs – the solutions adapted to their needs and for supporting them in carrying their projects out. GrandAngoulême is the preferred contact of businesses, offering a complete range of services:

  • Creation, development and innovation support
  • Administration, legal support…
  • Helping concubine job search for people who recently moved locally for a long-term contract
    Premises within a 3,000 m² incubator – Krysalide – located next to Angoulême in Girac which can be accessed thanks to the new High Level Service Bus.</li/>

Pépinière d’entreprise de GrandAngoulême

Pépinière d'entreprise de GrandAngoulême


GrandAngoulême initiated the creation of the EUREKATECH technology hub. Its goal is to gather all the territory’s actors and strengthen their collaboration.

GrandAngoulême invests for innovation and offers a call for proposals named “Produits du futur” (Future products) aimed at entrepreneurs in order to encourage company creation and stimulate innovation. The fund can make up to 50% of eligible expenses (wages, software and equipments, outsourcing, consumables, marketing…) and can reach a maximum of €50,000.

Another call for proposals is opened to students, employees, new businesses… and business owners. The total budget for this is €135,000 – perfect to help your ideas take off! Up to €25,000 can be given to any individual project – or even up to €30,000 for circular economy projects!

GrandAngoulême also offers interest-free loans (“prêts d’honneur”) to help businesses grow faster.



Angoulême’s CréaLab is an open space where digitally-managed equipment can be used by anyone to create all types of product, thus encouraging idea sharing and file modifications.

On the 31st of january 2019, the CREALAB team moved from the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée and refocused its activity to collaborate with the EUREKATECH technology hub in the KRYSALIDE incubator.

In march 2019, the CREALAB will be organizing subscription-only workshops to discover its new usage policy. Activities for companies and partners will be offered in collaboration with the technology hub.

In 2020, depending on project results and on actors’ needs, the expansion of Consumer services offering will be brought to question when the CREALAB return to Angoulême’s town centre.

Check out Créalab news on its website and on its Facebook page.



One of the University of Poitiers’s initiative. It comprises a team of researchers from various fields (economy, management, communication, digital arts, digital rights, intellectual property, computing sciences and computer technology) in Angoulême at the CEPE. The FAB®ICC connects actors of the cultural and creative industries, university labs and Year 2 Master specialist students. It is supported financially by the European Union (FEDER INSECT & NUMERIC), by the government, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and GrandAngoulême (CPER INSECT & NUMERIC).

ADI Nouvelle Aquitaine


The “Agence de Développement et d’Innovation” from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region supports companies and territories from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It participates in business transformation, emerging industry consolidation, making the area more attractive, helping business set up locally and animation of the regional innovation network. It manages the “Festival de l’Innovation” (Innovation festival) in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.



This major national association is located in Charente. It believes and defends that anyone can become an entrepreneur – even without seed money or degrees – if people have access to credit and to a professional, custom support based on trust, solidarity and responsibility. It provides financial support for all types of professional endeavours up to €10,000. Angoulême contact: Aurélien Linard.

La chambre de commerce et de l’industrie

The Charente’s chamber of commerce and industry participates in companies development and helps businesses being set up.
It brings a technical support through counseling, custom support and collective operations.

It provides support for entrepreneurs on international prospection and facilitates networking on a departmental level thanks to its regional and national network.

CCI de la Charente - Angoulême

Cognac and the charentaises!

Charente is known throughout the world for cognac (more than 140 million bottles sold in 155 countries!) but it is also a territory of entrepreneurs and innovation, with a strong digital, electrical equipment, mecatronics and packaging activity as well as the modern industry making the famous Charentaise shoe!

  • Terroir - Vignes - CognacTerroir - Vignes - Cognac© OUZOUNOFF Stéphane - Charente Tourisme
  • La CharentaiseLa Charentaise© La Manufacture Charentaise - Rondinaud
  • La basket TwistLa basket Twist© La Manufacture Charentaise – Degorce
  • Formation en simulateurFormation en simulateur© Rodolphe Escher

An ideal location

At the heart of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the biggest region of France and the most demographically dynamic, Angoulême offers an ideal location for entrepreneurs being at the crossroads of great economical and educational hubs of the territory, less than an hour from Bordeaux, Poitiers, La Rochelle, Niort, Limoges and Périgueux.

Apart from its first-class agriculture and viticulture industries, the region is full of resources related to tourism, aeronautics, the space industry and to the “Usine du futur” program which makes talents gravitate around innovation, particularly from the digital image industry found in Angoulême.

Pôle Image’s situation plan

A strong and wide network

  • Magelis présent au salon MIFAMagelis présent au salon MIFA
  • GamesCom - édition 2018GamesCom - édition 2018
  • GamesCom - édition 2018GamesCom - édition 2018
  • Cartoon Movie - Edition 2018Cartoon Movie - Edition 2018
  • Cartoon Movie - Edition 2018Cartoon Movie - Edition 2018
  • Connect Street 2018Connect Street 2018
  • Connect StreetConnect Street
  • Gameco Paris - Edition 2018Gameco Paris - Edition 2018
  • Start - Edition 2018Start - Edition 2018

In 20 years, the Pôle Image Magelis has created a strong network with local and national organizations which can support the development of businesses from the image industry.

Joining the Magelis ecosystem,
is joining this network.

Thus, Magelis manages a network of talents and entrepreneurs who can also benefit from custom services, like specific premises (meeting rooms, projection rooms, production offices…), the participation to fairs in France and abroad (Mifa, GemCo Paris, GamesCom Cologne, Quai des Bulles, Fibd, Le Start, Virtuality Paris…), getting indexed on Magelis’ website, mobile apps and social media.

Magelis also brings a strong and rich network to business owners with other local, national and international industry players.

Continuous Training

The Red Comet training centre offers film and audiovisual professionals, as well as beginners, all the keys and skills to become excellent storyboarders. Training is provided by Christophe Malcombe, who has 30 years of experience in storyboard and animation production.


  • Storyboard training: 5 weeks
    It aims to: Analyze a script and easily understand the work to be performed from A to Z, control the rhythms of the narration, draw backgrounds, create choreographies and acting of the characters, control the atmospheres, understand the camera techniques when editing the storyboard.
  • Staging technique: 5 days
    It aims to: Analyze a script, control the rhythms of the narration, create atmospheres, study the visual references, know the rules of camera movements, understand the effects on the eye of the spectator, control the continuity and avoid continuity errors.
  • Introduction to storyboarding: 5 days
    It aims to: Present storyboard techniques, analyze a script, terminology, compose images in an atmosphere, create Backgrounds and characters specific to the storyboard, know the rules of staging, study cameras.
  • Choreography and Acting: 5 days
    Its objective is: To create characters. Control and restore the actings, the bodily expressions, the dynamics of the characters and extras. Develop and create rhythmic choreographies, study in exercises and theories.
  • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro: 4 days
    It aims to: Create your first storyboards with Storyboard Pro. Know the storyboard pro software, learn its interface, know the tools, tips, editing and exports.
  • Background initiation: 5 days
    Its objective is: Know the techniques of the background adapted to the storyboard, control the perspectives, compose the backgrounds, discover a spontaneous individual style, create camera movements, use multiplans and anamorphosis.

Next training sessions:

– from October 19 to October 22, 2020: “Toon boom storyboard pro” training – 4 days
– from October 26 to October 30, 2020: “BG (decors) rough-storyboard” training – 5 days
– from November 16 to December 18, 2020: storyboard training – 5 weeks

Calendar end 2020 – 2021

Contact: Christophe Malcombe / / + 33 6 08 87 70 94

In the face of employment issues in the animation sector and, more precisely, regarding recruitment problematics that animation studios meet, all the local industry players – the Pôle Image Magelis, Pôle Emploi, AFDAS, EMCA and animation studios – try to create collective actions to encourage employment. Thus, short internships and professional training are organized throughout the year by some schools of the industry.

For example, the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA), a training provider, has created several internships named POEC* aimed at peoples familiar with animation who wish to master or discover a new job.

Next trainings sessions :

  • from November 16 to November 27, 2020 – ToonBoom training
  • from November 30 to December 4, 2020 – Maya rendu training
  • from December 7 to December 18, 2020 – Zbrush + Substance training
  • from January 11 to January 22, 2021 – Maya anim training

Training is financed by Pôle Emploi (candidate compensation) and by the AFDAS (training costs).

This approach allows studios to create training depending on the skills required for a given job and to hire candidates who will perform rapidly and be trained to the studio’s production and operative needs.

More information on the EMCA’s website and their social media

*The “Préparation Opérationelle à l’Emploi Collective” (POEC) is a training action which is set forth in the Code du Travail (Labour legislation). It allows several registered job seekers to benefit from the necessary training which will give them the required skills to answer needs identified by professional industries.

The Cnam-Enjmin offers short inter and intra-company training courses for people currently working in the videogame, computing, audio-visual and communication industries to get trained quickly.

  • Specialization certificate sound design for interactive media:
    – 2 sessions of 5 days: from 23 to 27 November and from 14 to 18 December 2020
    – A training course for future interactive soundtrack designers
    – In partnership with Sacem: possible support for training as part of the Cnam-Enjmin / Sacem call for projects (5 places)
  • The Master degree games and interactive digital media is also available in continuing education

More information on the CNAM-ENJMIN website

Some of the training on offer can be supported by the “Compte personnel de formation” (CPF). All the degrees provided by the CNAM-ENJMIN are accessible via the “Validation des acquis de l’expérience” (VAE). The costs of the certificate of specialization for interactive sound conception for video games training may be met for the winners of CNAM-ENJMIN/SACEM call for proposals.

Local partners

National partners

International partners

The Pôle Image Magelis also maintains relationships with multiple areas around the world to facilitate sharing and cooperation between actors of all these creative territories

  • The Lazio region in Italy
  • The Jilin Animation Institute in China
  • The Zapopan State in Mexico