To get trained in the creative jobs

If Magelis has become a predominent economic hub in France, it is also thanks to the quality of the training programmes delivered in Angoulême.

A campus of excellence

The 12 specialised schools, higher education schools of the Campus de l’Image train 1,300 students to the different jobs of the Image industry during courses ranging from preparatory school to PhD. Angoulême is one of the major training hub for the image industry in Europe thanks to the great quality and diversity of teachings given in its schools.

Video games and interactive media, animation cinema, comics, art, manga, audiovisual production, Internet, creative documentaries, graphic design, marketing… 30 prestigious training programmes, most of them being recognized by the French government, are taught in Angoulême’s schools.

3 schools train for jobs in the animation sector

(some of them are members of the RECA – “Réseau des Ecoles du Cinéma d’Animation”)

The, “Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation”

This school is one of the best French schools in the field with regular distinctions in national rankings (cf. “Le Figaro Etudiant, L’Etudiant”) “recruiters appreciate the freedom of tone of the EMCA (“École des métiers du cinéma d’animation”), a 3-year training with a 2D or 3D animation specialization starting from the second year which promotes originality and singularity.”

Opened in Angoulême in 1999 and set up in the magnificent “Château de Dampierre” on the banks of the Charente river at the heart of the campus, the EMCA delivers a 3-year training programme as initial education or as continuous training.

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  • L'EMCA, vue aérienneL'EMCA, vue aérienne© Arnaud Devis
  • L'EMCA - extérieurL'EMCA - extérieur© Grégory Brandel
  • L'EMCA, salle de coursL'EMCA, salle de cours© Philippe Metifet
  • L'EMCA, salle de coursL'EMCA, salle de cours© Philippe Metifet
  • L'EMCAL'EMCA© Philippe Metifet
  • L'AtelierL'Atelier© Grégory Brandel
  • L'AtelierL'Atelier© Grégory Brandel
  • L'Atelier, salle de coursL'Atelier, salle de cours
  • L'Atelier, salle de coursL'Atelier, salle de cours
  • L'Atelier, salle de coursL'Atelier, salle de cours
  • L'Atelier, salle de coursL'Atelier, salle de cours


“L’Atelier” delivers a premium technical superior training (RNCP level II) in animation cinema, drawing and transmedia.

“L”Atelier” is a private organisation which has been set up in Angoulême since 2013 and which has recently joined the campus in brand new buildings renovated by Magelis.

“L’Atelier” is particularly known for the quality of professional integration of their graduates.

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Objectif 3D

The famous Montpellier school which specializes in 3D synthetic image and VFX has opened a branch in Angoulême in 2017.

This technical superior organisation offers two RNCP level II and II degrees and has been growing fast locally. Objectif 3D has one ambition: train professionals to the expertise and soft skills required by production, animation and video games studios.

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Ecole objectif 3D
  • Objectif 3DObjectif 3D
  • Objectif 3DObjectif 3D

Multiple schools offer artistic trainings

The EESI, “Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image”

This school – managed by the Minister of Culture and Communication – offers prominent training programmes in the European superior artistic education up to a PhD in comics creation delivered in partnership with the University of Poitiers. The EESI also offers an international class opened to young authors from abroad. The EESI is the only higher education state school in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for visual arts. Numerous students from the EESI are rewarded during contests and international events.

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  • EESIEESI© Grégory Brandel
  • EESIEESI© Grégory Brandel
  • EESI - Collection Musée du papier d'AngoulêmeEESI - Collection Musée du papier d'Angoulême© Charente-Tourisme
  • EESI - AngoulêmeEESI - Angoulême© Arnaud Devis
  • Ecole d'art de GrandAngoulêmeEcole d'art de GrandAngoulême
  • Ecole d'art de GrandAngoulêmeEcole d'art de GrandAngoulême
  • Ecole d'art de GrandAngoulêmeEcole d'art de GrandAngoulême

The art school
of GrandAngoulême

The Art School is a public service specialized in community cultural actions which teaches Plastic Arts to a large public: children from 4 years old, teenagers and adults without age restriction.

Every year, the school offers traditional and contemporary training programmes. The courses range from live model drawing, digital creation workshops, engraving and sculpting.

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Ecole d'Art de GrandAngoulême

Video game is also at the center of education


The CNAM-ENJMIN is a prominent state school (Grande école) dedicated to training, jobs and research for these industries. Set up in Angoulême since 2005, it provided a Master degree in partnership with the CNAM (“Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et métiers”), the University of La Rochelle and the University of Poitiers, as well as a computer engineer degree in sciences and technologies of digital media. The CNAM-ENJMIN is regularly honoured in national rankings as being one of the 5 best French schools (see article from Le Figaro) and its students are often rewarded during international contests. A support and incubator program is also offered to new graduates.

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OBJECTIF 3D and HUMAN ACADEMY also offer training programmes for jobs in the video game industry.

  • Bâtiment "le Nil" - Ecole cnam-enjminBâtiment "le Nil" - Ecole cnam-enjmin© Julia Hasse
  • CNAM - EnjminCNAM - Enjmin
  • ItsPaperGuy - Projet d étudiants du Cnam EnjminItsPaperGuy - Projet d étudiants du Cnam Enjmin© Thomas Giro - Malo Dalmier - Jonas Dutouquet - Jeanne Prigent - Marc Enciso - Mathieu Renard
  • Projet PileUpProjet PileUp© Cnam Enjmin
  • CNAM ENJMIN - Présentation de projetCNAM ENJMIN - Présentation de projet© Cnam Enjmin
  • CNA ENJMIN - Projets étudiantsCNA ENJMIN - Projets étudiants© Dircom Cnam - Laurence BENOIT
  • Studio son du Cnam EnjminStudio son du Cnam Enjmin© Julia Hasse

3 schools offer a course in the audiovisual field


The CREADOC, The University of Poitiers’ documentary pathway, is dedicated to authors and producers. Set up in Angoulême at the heart of the “Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée” since 2005, it benefits from well-suited building with 12 editing booths, 2 listening and projection rooms and from filming equipment (8 HDV shooting units, 16 sound capture units). It is sanctioned by an ERD “écriture et réalisation documentaire” Master.

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  • Etudiants du CREADOC et élèves comédiens du TNBEtudiants du CREADOC et élèves comédiens du TNB© Alexandre Duval
  • CREADOCCREADOC© Grégory Brandel
  • Etudiants du CREADOCEtudiants du CREADOC© Alexandre Duval
  • CREADOCCREADOC© Arnaud Devis
  • Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)
  • Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)
  • Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)
  • Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)Lycée de l'image et du son d'Angoulême (LISA)
  • LISA audiovisuelLISA audiovisuel© Arnaud Devis


The LISA, “Lycée de l’Image et du Son d’Angoulême”, delivers 2 diplomas: a BTS Métiers de l’audiovisuel (5 options, audiovisual media degree) and a Diplôme National des Métiers d’Arts et du Design (illustration and micro-edition, animated image).

Beyond its unique architecture, it benefits from all the necessary equipment to learn everything about editing, sound, image, video operation and production.

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Angoulême’s IUT

The Angoulême’s Institut Universitaire de Technologie is a higher education and research establishment which offers professional training in a variety of fields, including a DUT Métiers du multimédia et de l’Internet as well as a professional licence (3-year degree) on sound and image.

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IUT d'Angoulême
  • IUT d'AngoulêmeIUT d'Angoulême
  • IUT d'AngoulêmeIUT d'Angoulême
  • IUT d'AngoulêmeIUT d'Angoulême
  • IUT d'AngoulêmeIUT d'Angoulême

Marketing courses at the heart of the image campus



The “Centre Européen des produits de l’Enfant” is a unique hub from the University of Poitiers’ IAE in Europe. It specializes in industries related to children consumption behaviour: cartoons, television, toys, video games, agri-food…

It delivers 1st and 2nd year Master degrees in Sales Marketing, Brand and products for children, communication and packaging design as well as a PhD in management sciences.

More information
Centre Européen des Produits de l'Enfant


The MediaSchool Angoulême Campus trains young people in communication and web professions thanks to its two schools: ECS (European Communication School), a general communication school that embraces all careers in the sector and #SUPDEWEB, geared towards digital entrepreneurship in the era of digital transformation.

A post-Bac course with 3 generalist years followed by two years of specialization leading to the title of Manager of Marketing and Communication Strategies.

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1 school offers a complete manga, animation and video game course

  • Human AcademyHuman Academy© Cygames Inc. / Human Academy Co. Ltd.
  • Human AcademyHuman Academy© Human Academy Co. Ltd.
  • Human AcademyHuman Academy© Human Academy Co. Ltd.
  • Human AcademyHuman Academy© Human Academy Co. Ltd.
  • Human AcademyHuman Academy© Human Academy Co. Ltd.

The Human Academy

This manga school, unique in Europe, also offers a 4-year Game Programming course to become a video game developer. Japanese and English classes offer student opportunities to work in studios from all around the world.

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Human Academy

High value jobs and degrees

On the Campus de l’Image, students can get trained for nearly a hundred highly demanded jobs. Most of them receive several job offers at the end of their training in France or abroad.

The creations they are required to do during their studies can often be proudly added to their resumes.

Discover the different jobs of the Image industry studied in each school of the campus and find a suitable training programme.

  • DessinDessin© Grégory Brandel
  • DessinDessin© JD Guillou
  • AnimationAnimation
  • 3D3D
  • Motion captureMotion capture

Continuous training

The Red Comet training centre offers film and audiovisual professionals, as well as beginners, all the keys and skills to become excellent storyboarders. Training is provided by Christophe Malcombe, who has 30 years of experience in storyboard and animation production.


  • Storyboard training: 5 weeks
    It aims to: Analyze a script and easily understand the work to be performed from A to Z, control the rhythms of the narration, draw backgrounds, create choreographies and acting of the characters, control the atmospheres, understand the camera techniques when editing the storyboard.
  • Staging technique: 5 days
    It aims to: Analyze a script, control the rhythms of the narration, create atmospheres, study the visual references, know the rules of camera movements, understand the effects on the eye of the spectator, control the continuity and avoid continuity errors.
  • Introduction to storyboarding: 5 days
    It aims to: Present storyboard techniques, analyze a script, terminology, compose images in an atmosphere, create Backgrounds and characters specific to the storyboard, know the rules of staging, study cameras.
  • Choreography and Acting: 5 days
    Its objective is: To create characters. Control and restore the actings, the bodily expressions, the dynamics of the characters and extras. Develop and create rhythmic choreographies, study in exercises and theories.
  • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro: 4 days
    It aims to: Create your first storyboards with Storyboard Pro. Know the storyboard pro software, learn its interface, know the tools, tips, editing and exports.
  • Background initiation: 5 days
    Its objective is: Know the techniques of the background adapted to the storyboard, control the perspectives, compose the backgrounds, discover a spontaneous individual style, create camera movements, use multiplans and anamorphosis.

Next training sessions:

– from October 19 to October 22, 2020: “Toon boom storyboard pro” training – 4 days
– from October 26 to October 30, 2020: “BG (decors) rough-storyboard” training – 5 days
– from November 16 to December 18, 2020: storyboard training – 5 weeks

Calendar end 2020 – 2021

Contact: Christophe Malcombe / / + 33 6 08 87 70 94

In the face of employment issues in the animation sector and, more precisely, regarding recruitment problematics that animation studios meet, all the local industry players – the Pôle Image Magelis, Pôle Emploi, AFDAS, EMCA and animation studios – try to create collective actions to encourage employment. Thus, short internships and professional training are organized throughout the year by some schools of the industry.

For example, the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA), a training provider, has created several internships named POEC* aimed at peoples familiar with animation who wish to master or discover a new job.

Next trainings sessions :

  • from November 16 to November 27, 2020 – ToonBoom training
  • from November 30 to December 4, 2020 – Maya rendu training
  • from December 7 to December 18, 2020 – Zbrush + Substance training
  • from January 11 to January 22, 2021 – Maya anim training

Training is financed by Pôle Emploi (candidate compensation) and by the AFDAS (training costs).

This approach allows studios to create training depending on the skills required for a given job and to hire candidates who will perform rapidly and be trained to the studio’s production and operative needs.

More information on the EMCA’s website and their social media

*The “Préparation Opérationelle à l’Emploi Collective” (POEC) is a training action which is set forth in the Code du Travail (Labour legislation). It allows several registered job seekers to benefit from the necessary training which will give them the required skills to answer needs identified by professional industries.

The Cnam-Enjmin offers short inter and intra-company training courses for people currently working in the videogame, computing, audio-visual and communication industries to get trained quickly.

  • Specialization certificate sound design for interactive media:
    – 2 sessions of 5 days: from 23 to 27 November and from 14 to 18 December 2020
    – A training course for future interactive soundtrack designers
    – In partnership with Sacem: possible support for training as part of the Cnam-Enjmin / Sacem call for projects (5 places)
  • The Master degree games and interactive digital media is also available in continuing education

More information on the CNAM-ENJMIN website

Some of the training on offer can be supported by the “Compte personnel de formation” (CPF). All the degrees provided by the CNAM-ENJMIN are accessible via the “Validation des acquis de l’expérience” (VAE). The costs of the certificate of specialization for interactive sound conception for video games training may be met for the winners of CNAM-ENJMIN/SACEM call for proposals.

An intense student life

Joining one of the schools of the Image Campus goes beyond the delivered training. Just like great international campuses, it’s a guaranty that you will participate in numerous professional conferences and in many contests during global festivals in which Angoulême’s students are regularly rewarded. You will also benefit from partnerships between schools and with other international institutions, from premium infrastructures and equipments, from collaborating with local businesses who offer jobs to young graduates and from joining a network of 1,300 students as well as thousands of alumni working in prestigious studios in France and around the world.

For the campus to stay on the path to excellence, Magelis remains very active and offers all the right infrastructures for creativity, sharing, research and innovation. The campus also matches the needs of today’s students – the future young entrepreneurs

The schools are all close to one another and further sharing: these are one of the major assets that draw students to Charente and that create a rich environment.  Indeed, Magelis is still the only hub that offers collaboration opportunities between schools to students of the image sector.

Set up in a green environment next the Charente river and at the heart of the image district located a few minutes away on foot from the town centre, it allows students to benefit from great life and work conditions that further sharing and activities related to student life.

The campus comprises a 250 seats auditorium used by all the schools, the most recent IT equipment, a university restaurant, student accommodation (L’Auberge Espagnole) and a student’s common room managed by the association of image students – CIA. This is a place for them to relax with, among other equipments, ping-pong and football tables.

  • Les étudiants du campus de l'imageLes étudiants du campus de l'image
  • Le quartier de l'imageLe quartier de l'image© Arnaud Devis
  • Passerelle sur la CharentePasserelle sur la Charente© Grégory Brandel
  • Résidence étudiante : l'Auberge EspagnoleRésidence étudiante : l'Auberge Espagnole
  • Résidence étudiante : l'Auberge EspagnoleRésidence étudiante : l'Auberge Espagnole© Grégory Brandel
  • Un amphithéâtre ultra moderneUn amphithéâtre ultra moderne
  • L'EnjminL'Enjmin
  • L'EnjminL'Enjmin
  • Brasserie "le nil" au sein de l'EnjminBrasserie "le nil" au sein de l'Enjmin
  • L'EnjminL'Enjmin
  • Studio de capture de mouvement du Cnam-EnjminStudio de capture de mouvement du Cnam-Enjmin© Julia Hasse

Due to the exceptional sanitary conditions, Laurence Trébuget, the social worker, is now receiving students only at the IUT. She will therefore no longer receive students at the Pôle Image Magelis, but students from all image schools can continue to make an appointment. Students will be received every Monday by appointment only.

Laurence Trébuget can be contacted by phone to make an appointment on 05 49 45 33 54 or by email for any questions or solidarity grocery dossiers :


The SCCUC solidarity grocery store, co-managed with the Pôle Image Magelis, welcomes students every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. (excluding school holidays). It is located in the Nil building, 2 rue de Saintes.

The grocery store is open to students of higher education institutions that are members of the SCCUC.

More info on the SCCUC

Click on the image to view the France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine report from September 23, 2020

  • 24h de la création24h de la création© JD Guillou
  • 24h de la création24h de la création© JD Guillou
  • 24h de la création 201824h de la création 2018© Campus Image - Angouleme
  • 24h de la création24h de la création© JD Guillou
  • Campus image - AngoulêmeCampus image - Angoulême

Partnering with the students of the image sector’s association – “Campus Image Angoulême (CIA)” – Magelis supports actions which promote sharing between all the schools of the hub and foster local liffe such as the “24 heures de la création” which took place in 2018 for the first time.

The CIA offers several services to students, thanks to numerous partnerships: preferential conditions in cinemas, concert halls, museums, theatre, Frac, restaurants and shops… free access to the city’s gym for playing basket-ball, volley-ball, badminton… invitations to exhibitions, sport contests, parties, image-industry businesses visits, conferences on campus…

Studying and growing: a reality in Angoulême

Plan de situation du pôle image

Plan de situation du pôle image

Festival Campus en Festival © Gaétan le Ouéré

Festival Campus en Festival © Gaétan le Ouéré

Patinoire Angou'mois © Franck Giannelli

Patinoire Angou’mois © Franck Giannelli

Pool party Angou'mois étudiant © Franck Giannelli

Pool party Angou’mois étudiant © Franck Giannelli

Soirée NEF Angou'mois étudiant © Franck Giannelli

Soirée NEF Angou’mois étudiant © Franck Giannelli

Soirée relief © JD Guillou

Soirée relief © JD Guillou

Festival Campus en Festival © Gaétan le Ouéré

Festival Campus en Festival © Gaétan le Ouéré

Centre ville © Franck Prével

Centre ville © Franck Prével

Soirée de Noël des étudiants du Pole Image soirée Super Héros vs Santa Claus © Campus Image Angoulême

Soirée de Noël des étudiants du Pole Image soirée Super Héros vs Santa Claus © Campus Image Angoulême

Plan d'eau de Saint-Yrieix

Plan d’eau de Saint-Yrieix

Soirée Relief © JD Guillou

Soirée Relief © JD Guillou

Soirée Relief © JD Guillou

Soirée Relief © JD Guillou

Angoulême offers all the benefits of a cosmopolitan city, culturally and artistically rich with the qualities of a wonderful, human-scaled, medieval city at the heart of a well-preserved environment.

Less than 2 hours away from Paris and near the sea, life on campus is simple, particularly with the low housing prices of the area.

Thus, students can enjoy a bustling environment with an intense cultural life: more than 200 comics authors live here, thousands of enthusiasts come for the “Festival International de la Bande Dessinée” in January, movie stars come to their movie premiere during Angoulême’s “Festival du Film Francophone” in August…

Screenings, concerts and exhibitions are organized year-round:

The “Sortir Label Charente” magazine offers a monthly, free agenda mentioning shows, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events.

It also organizes a yearly contest to select monthly covers. Students are particularly fond of this contest, and the first prize is €500. The magazine can easily be found in shops.

Beyond local libraries and the “Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée” library, a large media library has been created next to the image area. The “Alpha” is a new hotspot for locals. Beyond a rich collection of 150,000 books, CDs, DVDs, video games and old books, it benefits from an 85 seats auditorium, a café, premises dedicated to children, exhibition premises, a 75 seats computer room, group rooms and a garden.

For Angoulême’s tips and tricks, check out the Centre Information Jeunesse (CIJ) with a list of advice and useful addresses.

That’s plenty of material to make your Angoulême years a success on the Campus de L’image!

  • Médiathèque l'AlphaMédiathèque l'Alpha
  • L'Alpha - Café avec vue sur la villeL'Alpha - Café avec vue sur la ville© Grand Angoulême
  • Librairie BDLibrairie BD© Gregory Brandel
  • Cité de la BDCité de la BD© Grégory Brandel