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This website ( is made in several web languages (HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, etc…) for a better usage comfort and a more pleasent graphic design, we recommend using modern web browser such as Internet explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc… The legal notices were generated on the Legal notice generator website offered by Welye. POLE IMAGE MAGELIS does everything to insure a reliable information and a reliable update of its websites.

However, errors or omissions can happen. The internet user must verify the exactitude of the information from, and must signal every website modifications that should be useful. is in no case responsible of the usage made of these informations and of all direct or indirect prejudice which could occur from it. Cookies: The website can ask you for your agreement to the use of cookies for statistics and display reasons. A cookie is an information placed on your hard drive by the website’s server. It contains multiple data wihch are saved on your computer in a simple text file. Ceratins parts of this website can malfunctoin if cookies were not accepted. Hyperlink: Websites can offer links to other websites or other available ressources on the internet. POLE IMAGE MAGELIS does not have any method to control websites which are linked to its websites. is not responsible for these websites or external ressources availability. It can not be held accountable for any harm, whatever its nature, resulting from the content of these websites or external ressources, and particularly informations, products and services which they offer, or any usage that could be made of these elements. Risks linked to this usage are entirely on the internet user’s responsability, who must abide by their terms of use. ‘S website users, subscribers and visitors can not create a hyperlink without the express and prior agreement from POLE IMAGE MAGELIS. In the case of a use or visitor wanting to create a hyperlink linking to one of POLE IMAGE MAGELIS’s websites, they should address an email to the address accessible on the website to ask for a hyperlink creation. POLE IMAGE MAGELIS has the right to accept or decline the creation of a hyperlink without having to justify its decision.

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All the activities of the company as well as the informations are presented on our website

POLE IMAGE MAGELIS tries to provide precise information on the website. The information on are not exhaustive and the pictures may differ from actual reality. They are given with the possibility of modifications after their releases. Moreover, all the information given on the website are given as indications and may change or evolve without prior indication.

Contract limitation on data

Information put on this website are as accurate as possible and the website is updated on different periods of the year, however it could contain errors and omissions. If you see a problem, error or a malfunction, please notify us by email at with a precise description of the problem (page with the problem, type of computer, browser used,…). All downloads are made at the risk of the sure and under their own responsability. As a consequence, will not be held accountable for any harm done to the user’s computer or any loss of data after downloading. Moreover, the website user takes the responsability to access the website with a recent equipment, free of any virus and with a last generation updated browser. hyperlinks created in the case of this website linking to external ressources on the Internet will not engage POLE IMAGE MAGELIS’s responsability.

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All the content present of the website, including without limits, graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons as well as their formatting are owned by the company except brands, logos and content belonging to other partner companies or authors. Reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission or publication, even partially, of these different elements is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of POLE IMAGE MAGELIS. This representation or reproduction, by any means, are a counterfeit punished by the L.335-2 and following articles of the “Code la propriété intellectuelle”. Not respecting this prohibition constitutes a counterfeit which can engage the civil and penal responsability of the counterfeiter. Moreover, the owners of the copied content will be able to take legal proceedings at your attention.

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According to the 78-17 law of the 6th January 1978 (modified by the 2004-801 law of the 6th august 2004 regarding the protection of physical persons and their personnal data’s management) regarding computing, files and freedom, this website has not been declared at the “Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés” (


The’s website terms of use are managed by french laws and any dispute which could emerge from the interpretation of execution of these will be judged by the court from which depends the company’s headquarters. The main language, for any dispute’s management, is french.

Personnal informations

You are not obligated to send us your personnal information when visiting our website However, this concept has some exceptions. Indeed, for certain services provided on our website, you can be asked to fill in some information like: your name, your job, your company’s name, your email address and your phone number. This is the case when you fill in the contact form offered to you in the “contact” section. In any case, you can decline sending your personnal information. In this case, you will not be able to use our website’s services, especially the one asking for information on our company or receiving newsletter. Finally, we can automatically collect some information about you during a simple visit on our website, especially: information regarding our website’s usage, like the sections used or the services that you use, your IP address, your browser’s type, your access time. Such information are solely used for internal statistics in order to improve our services quality. Databases are protected by the law of the 1st July 1998 transposing the 96/9 directive of the 11th March 1996 regarding the juridical protection of databases.