Production assistance


To encourage the development and the regeneration of production in the animation, filming and multimedia sectors, including digital publishing, the department and the region have implemented an assistance programme to boost creativity and production to complement European and national funding in collaboration with the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée (CNC) (the national centre of cinematography and the moving image).

Your contact : Sophie Hahne – Production Assistance Directorate – 05 45 38 89 66 –

  • 1st source of funding for animation production
  • 2nd largest source of funding for video game production
  • A pool of industry professionals
  • 90 companies and studios in perfect synergy
  • A range of services to help you develop your project

Poitou-Charentes Cinéma: le bureau d’accueil des tournages (the film office)

The film office is linked to the Film France network and is strategically located in Angoulême opposite the offices of the du Pôle Image Magelis, and provides free assistance to film professionals throughout their project (development, preparation, location scouting, filming and post-production) and for a range of services, by providing in particular :

See the rules for assistance
  • A full list of professionals (technicians, service providers, actors, extras, etc.) classified according to their professional category
  • Help with location scouting, with a list of locations and settings
  • Casting assistance (with a dedicated room)
  • Administrative and logistical support (filming permits, etc.)
  • Contacts with the press, local authorities and services in the Poitou-Charentes region
  • Videoconference room