The institution

The Pôle Image Magelis promotes projects in diverse areas including comics, animated feature films, animated TV series, live action shooting, multimedia, 3D film, video games, digital image, virtual reality, etc..

From the outset, the aim of the Pôle Image Magelis was to generate the ideal conditions for the development of projects in the image sector, the static image initially and then moving images. The pooling of expertise, the political will to create and support an economic, productive and high-yield built environment to serve the professionals in the sector were key to the measures implemented by both public and private stakeholders in the region to launch this innovative initiative.

The Syndicat Mixte du Pôle Image (SMPI) (joint authority for the image centre) was created by the Departmental Council of the Charente, the city of Angoulême and the Angoulême Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is now an associate member.

The Poitou-Charentes region and the Municipality of GrandAngoulême joined them in 2005.

Legal structure

The Charente Department 60%
The Nouvelle Aquitaine Region 20%
The City of Angoulême 10%
GrandAngoulême 10%

Partners and funding

The Departmental Council of the Charente

The Charente department has jurisdiction in various areas in the Charente department. Social measures, land management, the transport infrastructure, assistance to municipalities, the management of specific public facilities (colleges, departmental library and archives), environmental protection, social and health measures (children, family, the elderly and disabled, social inclusion, etc.), the transport infrastructure and rural development are subject to the mandatory powers of the Departmental Council. In addition, the Charente department is responsible for “optional” areas, including sustainable development, sport, economic development and culture.

35 departmental councillors use their political decisions and executive representative, the President of the department, to manage all the jurisdictions granted within the department to pursue large-scale measures to benefit residents of the Charente. Over 2,000 agents work to implement the measures in roles as diverse as doctors, administrators, social workers, architects and engineers.

The Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

The Nouvelle Aquitaine region has set out nine key points to support economic development in the territory of which culture is a vital element.

The principal objective is to facilitate access to culture for all, with a fair distribution of initiatives throughout the territory and for the benefit of a broad public.

The Pôle Image is a real example of this. The region focuses in particular on the recognition of cultural diversity, and the Pôle Image delivers this diversity of support and public target audiences by combining tradition with state-of-the-art technology.

The region uses these measures to support professionals and attract and develop companies in the image sector by encouraging start-ups, providing production assistance and broadcasting. It also helps with the recruitment and training of employees and young people via the Image Campus.

The City of Angoulême

A prefecture and university centre, a city of art and history; the cultural life of Angoulême is remarkably rich and varied. Dozens of events are held here every year and its festivals, three of which are internationally renowned, take place in the city all year round.

With its “national status” theatre and museums, Angoulême is notable for dynamic creativity and the richness of its cultural life.

Angoulême is also the city of the image and its comics museum, educational institutions and schools specialising in the image industry, its writers’ centre, street art, with works signed by Yslaire, Zep, Moebius et al. add colour to the streets and create a tour that places comics at the heart of the city.

The aim of the city of Angoulême is to promote and support the most diverse artistic expressions and to ensure a fair and balanced distribution of the cultural offering throughout the entire region for all residents. 


Comics have turned Angoulême into a world famous region. The municipality of GrandAngoulême funds the Pôle Image Magelis to maintain this high level of interest, and is constantly seeking opportunities to forge economic, cultural and training partnerships throughout the year.

Today, this investment translates in the presence of almost 1,000 students, 1,000 jobs, productions that are broadcast worldwide, numerous festivals, including the Festival du Film Francophone (a festival showcasing French-speaking film), the Festival du Film Relief Courant 3D (a 3D film festival) and the Festival du film court (short film festival) to name a few.

Angoulême is a region that is opening up to the world, and is one of the leading European centres in the image sector. These creative industries are an incredible asset that contribute to the development of our city and the surrounding area.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry