Come and study in Angoulême

A city of average size (conurbation of 110,000 inhabitants), Angoulême offers an excellent quality of life for those who appreciate the cultural richness and dynamism of the city, moderate housing prices, the pleasant climate and cultural richness.

The city buzzes with numerous festivals (Festival International de la Bande Dessinée (international comic festival), Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême (Angoulême francophone film festival), Festival Courant 3D (3D film festival), etc., and is home to many cultural institutions and facilities, including the Cité internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image (international city for comics and the image), Musée National de la Bande Dessinée (national comic museum), Théâtre d’Angoulême, Scène Nationale (national theatre of Angoulême), L’Espace Carat (an exhibition space and venue), La Nef (a contemporary music venue), Conservatoire de Musique, Danse et Théâtre (conservatoire for music, dance and theatre), Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain, (regional fund for contemporary art), and also to a large number of creative professionals (cartoonists, multimedia artists, companies in the image sector, etc.).

Students are immersed in this environment which is conducive to creativity, the sharing of ideas, research and innovation.

from Paris
(1 hr 45 mins when the LGV high speed line opens in 2017)
from Bordeaux
(35 mins when the LGV high speed line opens in 2017)

A campus in the city centre

Le campus de l'image - Vue aérienne

The 11 educational institutions specialising in the image in Angoulême are concentrated in a single geographical location. The schools are situated on the banks of the River Charente in a natural setting and in fascinating old and new buildings.

The Image Campus is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre, and students benefit from a high standard of living and good employment opportunities that promote exchanges of ideas and a rich and exciting student life.

Building bridges between institutions

Le campus de l'image - Vue aérienne

The proximity between the institutions specialising in the image is not only geographical: the various schools work together to promote exchanges and rich experiences.

The objective is therefore to build bridges between the various disciplines and create an interdisciplinary environment, notably through the various seminars and joint courses at the schools in the Campus which allow students to explore all the facets of the image industry. The Pôle Image Magelis works to create forums and meeting places for students to encourage them to exchange ideas and collaborate on joint projects.

Some examples of collaboration

CREADOC-EMCA partnership

CREADOC and EMCA have been organising joint workshops for several years to enable students to create animated films based on documentary soundtracks over a period of 4 weeks. While the students from the EMCA work on the images, the CREADOC students create a soundtrack which they then mix to the images.

EESI-ENJMIN partnership

Every year the EESI and ENJMIN organise a joint seminar on the theme “games and gameplay”. The seminar is followed by a production workshop supervised by lecturers from the two institutions where students are placed in mixed teams of EESI and ENJMIN students, and the aim of the session is to design and experiment with a route through the city that forms a narrative with elements of play.

  • Collaborations between students from different schools outside of their core studies
  • Joint events
  • Screening evenings of the work produced by the schools
  • “Open door” joint events with the institutions specialising in the image

Recent infrastructures

  • Student accommodation
  • 250-seat amphitheatre available to all the schools on the Image Campus
  • Training centre in the Nil building
  • University restaurant run by CROUS (a French regional organisation that provides advice and support to students)